Body Connection Massage

What Massage Means to Me

I am entering my fifth year as an LMT and have continued to grow as a therapist thanks to my clients and colleagues. Over the years I have learned how to address many of the problems my clients are experiencing. I’ve learned that everyone is different and what works for one person may not for another. Listening to your client, what their tissue is saying and staying present during the massage is vital to giving clients effective results. Massage therapy is not a cure all, and in order to resolve many of these problems clients many times need to adjust their routines and listen to their body. Many of our physical issues can be a result of not listening to the subtle messages our bodies give us until it is a full blown chronic issue and it begins to affect our functioning. Our bodies need maintenance, especially if our body is the tool we use for our livelihood.

Massage goes beyond working tight muscles. Touch itself, has a profound effect on our nervous system. Massage for some clients is a shock to their system and they may need to build up a tolerance to bodywork if they have never had a massage before, if they are elderly or have chronic health issues. 

Overall, in doing this work I have come to understand that we are connected and affected by everything in the world even if we can’t see it. The seasons, the weather, diet, stress, other people’s emotions and especially our own thoughts. In our culture we are very hard workers and we are very hard on ourselves. We are taught to work through pain, ignore our stress, fatigue, and our emotions. What I have come to realize for my own health is that ignoring these things can cause imbalances within us and could possibly lead to illness. Could ignoring these things be considered self neglect? The definition of neglect is “the state or fact of being uncared for.” It is important to pay attention to our own needs and provide the self nurturing that is essential to being pain free and a healthy human being. Massage is a way to learn to let others take care of us in a way that no other practitioner can. Massage affects the sympathetic nervous system, increases endorphins, circulation, increases lymphatic functioning and in turn relieves tension in our muscles to resolve ongoing discomfort. The things that happen to us, the things we experience in life are one with who we are and how our bodies function. Receiving regular bodywork trains us to relax, connect to ourselves and can help our overall sense of well being. 

I am looking forward to the growth of my business this coming year! I will be studying advanced reflexology that focuses on addressing pain and autoimmune conditions and will be attending my first seminar to officially learn John Barnes Myofascial Release Technique. I am very thankful for my clients and I am looking forward to continuing to help them take care of themselves in this next year.

Best Wishes, Loretta


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