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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a saying “Where there is stagnation, there is pain”

Cupping uses suction to the body to create negative pressure. The pressure helps open lymphatic pathways, fluid circulation, energy flow, and promote circulation.
In Traditional Chinese medicine cups have been used on acupressure points to unblock QI energy and i One is to apply the suction and let it sit in a tight area or acupressure point for 5-10 minutes. This will pull various fluids to the surface of the skin and may result in a Mark or as others say, a bruise. We refer to them as marks because they do not usually hurt like a bruise does. It is more like a hickey mark and usually disappears within a week.

Like acupuncture, cupping will follow the lines of the meridians. Using the meridian points, cupping can help to relax and align qi, as well as more targeted areas. Making these targets of cupping, one is striving to open the channels and allow energy to free flow through the body.

Another way they can be used is by cup gliding. This is amazingly effective for people who have tissue that is very cold. It is awfully hard to get into the tissue and warm it up. Using the cups to glide over the cold muscle pulls the stagnant fluids up to the surface creating a pink appearance. This brings some fluid to the surface, warms up the muscles and assist the therapist in getting deeper into the tissue. In turn it allows new blood to get to the muscle and it feels particularly good and is very relaxing.

Cupping can affect the digestive system in a positive way and help draw out toxins in the body. Used properly, it can be used to cleanse and encourage a balanced state of homeostasis.