Body Connection Massage

Head, Neck & Face

45 Minutes – $65

This is a 45 minute session.. This is very relaxing and can help sinus congestion, tension headaches, TMJ and a tight stiff neck. It will include scalp, face and neck work tailored to the client’s goals.  

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Relax Those Feet!

60 Minutes – $90

Then we massage the feet, all of our pains can melt away! What a way to rejuvenate ourselves. This is a 60 minute session. We will start with a Himalayan salt foot scrub to help with circulation and replenishing electrolytes in our body. It is followed by a relaxing foot massage strokes along with some foot reflexology. 

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Raindrop Treatment

90 Minutes – $150

This is a 90 minute relaxing session which consists of dropping high quality essential oils along the reflexes of the feet and spine. Basil, oregano, marjoram, cypress, thyme, peppermint and wintergreen are some of the oils used in this session. Please let the therapist know if you have sensitive skin or have any allergies or previous reactions to aromatherapy.

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