Body Connection Massage

60 Minutes – $80
90 Minutes – $115
120 Minutes – $160

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This is an all-encompassing massage that may include Swedish massage strokes, deep tissue techniques, reflexology, cupping, acupressure, aromatherapy, and more. Whatever your goal may be – treating sciatica, plantar fasciitis, overuse or strain injuries, anxiety, depression, post-surgical/injury focused work, or sessions that improve your overall wellbeing.

We use therapeutic massage collaboratively or in addition to aiding soft tissue healing, conventional medical treatment of injuries or illnesses, stress and pain alleviation, and other ailments. Your health can also be enhanced, muscles relaxed, anxiety, stress, and tensions can be relieved while also aligning your body and mind.

Body Connection Massage is dedicated to a holistic approach to your wellness and looks to incorporate modalities that heighten your body’s natural state of healing.

Techniques we are furthering our training on: Reflexology, Neuromuscular

Conditions that research has shown massage has been impactful upon:

Pain Control – Headaches
Stress, Anxiety, Depression
Chronic Lung Disease